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Why You Might Want to Encourage a Digital Detox for Your Team

Why You Might Want to Encourage a Digital Detox for Your Team

Chances are, your and your employees’ lives are fully permeated with technology, from the very start of the day to the moment you close your eyes to sleep in the evening. That’s just how the world works nowadays, but there is evidence that this permeation of tech can have some adverse effects on us all. That’s why, as odd as it may sound coming from an IT provider, you may want to occasionally take a moment to step away from technology.

Let’s explore the concept of a digital detox, and the benefits it can have to your workplace as a whole.

Defining a Digital Detox

The concept of “detoxification” or a “detox” is pretty simple. You’re basically making the conscious effort to remove any negative—or toxic—influences or qualities. In terms of a digital detox, the idea is to take a break from the electronic devices that are so ingrained into modern life and society to experience reality and real life more directly. It’s basically a vacation from the distractions of our electronics.

The reasons that one may consider undergoing a digital detox vary, as do the lengths of time this “vacation” of sorts may last. For instance, some people may elect to take a break from their smartphone over the weekend to recharge their own batteries for the workweek. Others might find themselves spending excessive time on social media, despite feeling bad after the fact, and might decide to take a break from it for longer periods of time. In terms of the workplace, a digital detox may be healthy to do if your work/life balance is off—whether you’re checking work matters after hours, or checking personal social media on work time.

Undergoing a digital detox is known for having various benefits, including:

  • Improved sense of calm
  • Improved sleep and sleep quality
  • Improved focus
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved creativity
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved health

Naturally, these are all things that can help your business and its processes, either directly or indirectly. Let’s go over some tips that can help you and your team take whatever level of digital detox you need to do.

How to Digitally Detox

Create a Strategy

Of course, with technology being so integral to modern life, it’s hard to simply disconnect without a plan in place. What is it that is most impacting you, and—if you do take a pause on your technology—how can you most effectively limit its influence? Identifying your problematic technologies and figuring out what it will take to disconnect from them without causing further problems is an important first step.

Set Goals

With your strategy outlined, you should set the goals that help you to isolate your problematic issues and resolve them. If you find yourself reading work emails late into the night, you may consider setting a limit of “no emails after work hours” and seeing how well you can stick to that.

Inform Those Around You

This is critical to your detox’s success, as you will need the support of those around you in order to adjust your habits appropriately. After all, if you’re suddenly given responsibilities that require you to actively act against your detox plans, you’re somewhat stuck. By involving those around you in your plans, you’re not only helping yourself succeed, you’re also insulating others from making plans that you won’t be able to fulfill.

Evaluate and Adjust

After your detox has come to a close, you shouldn’t just revert to your past behaviors. Instead, consider what changes your detox has resulted in and consider if making the change permanently is in your best interest, or if there may be a different option that would work more effectively. Try again, testing a new approach, and repeat until you find something that works for you.

We’re Here to Help with All the Time You Are Using Your Technology

Unfortunately, there’s often no way to avoid using technology in the workplace—despite it often serving as a major source of stress. We can help fix that part, at least. Reach out to us to learn more about our managed IT services, which will help make your use of technology that much less distressing. Give us a call at 724-473-3950.

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