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Is Foldable Technology Worth the Investment?

Is Foldable Technology Worth the Investment?

Foldable displays are an emerging trend in the technology industry, as they are quite unique in their form factor and capabilities. What is the real value of this tech, though? Who is it actually being marketed to, and what for? Let’s dive in.

How Foldable Technology Works

An interesting thing to note is that foldable tech is not just for mobile devices, although we are going to focus our attention on that form today. When it was first introduced a couple of years ago, it was an interesting and innovative take on the traditional smartphone formula. The interface could do some things that the typical smartphone could not. For example, here are two innovations that typical devices cannot manage:

  • Organic Light-Emitting Diode - Foldable devices use OLED displays because they can be made flexible. Unlike traditional LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays), OLEDs emit their own light, allowing them to be more flexible and thinner.
  • Polymer Substrates - Flexible OLED displays use polymer substrates instead of glass. These substrates are more pliable, allowing the display to bend without breaking.

With powerful processors, graphics systems, and a need in the market, it’s no surprise that such an interesting concept for a form factor has taken off. However, there are several variables that manufacturers need to consider to get the most out of these devices, like how affordable they are for the average consumer, how the hinge system holds up over time, and how optimized the devices are to work with apps.

The Benefits and Detriments of Foldables

The Benefits

With more screen room, your foldable screen will have space to do more than your typical smartphone. There is value in this, especially when you consider how productivity apps can potentially use that space.

That said, this is perhaps the only notable improvement. While it is big, it also pushes manufacturers and developers to think of interesting new ways to use these larger displays.

The Detriments

There are various questions to consider about the form factor itself, like how well it holds up to water and dust, the hinges themselves, and the crease that can form on the foldable displays. Also worth considering is the price, especially when you look at notable devices like the Samsung z Fold 5, valued at $1,800.

It’s a lot to pay out for a smartphone, especially when you consider that the specs are not that much more impressive than your average smartphone. Additionally, it is more vulnerable to breaking, and you’re not getting substantial benefits—at least, not at this time.

If you are considering new devices for your business, Managed IT Force can help you make the best decisions possible. To learn more, call us at 724-473-3950.

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